Terms of Service

Contractual partner
On the basis of these general terms and conditions (AGB) comes between the customer and

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63517 Rodenbach

E-Mail: Support@auctionTRCK.com

, hereinafter referred to as the provider, the contract is concluded.


Subject of the contract

The internet platform of auctiontrck.com, hereinafter referred to as AuctionTRCK, serves as an intermediary between advertisers, hereinafter referred to as sponsors, and advertisers, hereinafter referred to as members Fees are borne by the advertiser. In order to place advertisements of any kind, the advertising points named in the following AP are to be used

The Internet platform AuctionTRCK uses the online translator Google to make the page understandable to members of other languages and to reproduce the content accordingly. However, the German language of the Internet platform of AuctionTRCK is decisive for the purely binding nature of the content.



Participation in AuctionTRCK is free of charge and is done on a voluntary basis by the operator. There is no entitlement to participation in AuctionTRCK and no entitlement to constant availability of the service. The operator is entitled at any time, without giving reasons, to exclude a user from participation or to completely discontinue the service. In addition, AuctionTRCK is entitled to adjust the remuneration of the clicks, the credit and the costs of a click for each user, if necessary.


Prices and points system

All prices are final prices and do not include sales tax (value added tax) in accordance with Section 19 (1) UStG.
- Advertising points cannot be converted into points and therefore cannot be paid out.
- AP can be bought by SEPA transfer. These can be used to use various forms of advertising on the AuctionTRCK platform to advertise your product, company or business idea. The current prices for this can be viewed on the vide4money ™ website. The value of 10,000 points corresponds to € 1.
- For programming reasons, the values are given with a point instead of a comma. This means that 1000,000 points are to be read as 1000,000 (should this be solved by programming, this point will be deleted)


Book advertising

All types of advertising to be booked, these can be seen in detail on the platform, are calculated for each click on the same and not for each display, here the advertising booker can determine himself ...
- how many points the advertiser receives for this
- How long the advertiser has to watch this advertisement in order to receive the points
- when the advertiser may next see this advertisement (reload block)


Watch advertisements

Each member has the opportunity to collect points by looking at advertising; this option is tied to certain requirements, which can be found on the platform, not every form of advertising has to be available at all times, the availability of viewable advertising is solely based on this according to which type of advertisement was placed and whether this advertisement was already seen within the so-called reload block. Before viewing the respective advertisement, it is clear to see ...
- How many points the member receives when looking at the advertising
- how long the member has to look at the advertisement in order to receive these points
- when the member can next view this advertisement (reload block)


Activity of the members

Every member who wants to be considered active and thus wants to use all functions must have a click rate for paid mails of 50%, starting on 01.01.2022. If he does not have this, the following areas are blocked for him from the time he does not have them:

(No day / login bonus / payout / all earning opportunities except paid mail)
Paidmail continues to work so that it can achieve at least 50% of the click rate.

In addition, every Saturday, starting on January 1st, 2022, all accounts that cannot have a click rate of at least 50% with the paid mailers are automatically blocked, this blocking means that logging in is no longer possible and nothing is earned on the downline.

The activation takes place only after a request to the support, but can take up to 7 days, depending on the time spent in support.

During the registered vacation of a maximum of 30 days per year, the click rate does not change, so that no new e-mails are delivered, so the percentage click rate cannot decrease due to the registered vacation.

If members only want to place advertisements and do not want to watch them, please let support change your account to a sponsor account, there you can only buy APs and advertise but do not earn any points, but you don’t have to click anywhere.


Paying out points

The minimum payout is € 10. Unfortunately, this cannot be paid out because the effort involved would be too great. There is no maximum limit to how much can be paid out as long as the member has enough credit. Withdrawal requests can be made from 01/01/2022.
The payouts requested on the 1st of each month are then, after verification (this includes whether the member has a click rate of at least 50% on the day of the payout), by transferring to the Revenue area in the repurchase balance by the 10th of the same month advertising packages can then be bought there.


Disclaimer of liability

Claims for damages by the customer are excluded, unless otherwise stated for the following reasons. This also applies to the provider's representatives and vicarious agents if the customer makes claims for damages against them. Exceptions are claims for damages by the customer due to injury to life, limb, health or essential contractual obligations, which must necessarily be fulfilled in order to achieve the contractual objective. This also does not apply to claims for damages after grossly negligent or willful breach of duty by the provider or his legal representative or vicarious agent.


Assignment and pledge prohibition

Claims or rights of the customer against the provider may not be assigned or pledged without his consent, unless the customer has demonstrated a legitimate interest in the assignment or pledging.


Language, place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The contract will be drawn up in English. The further implementation of the contractual relationship takes place in English. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively. For consumers, this only applies insofar as this does not restrict any statutory provisions of the country in which the customer has his place of residence or habitual residence. The place of jurisdiction for disputes with customers who are not consumers, legal entities under public law or special funds under public law is the seat of the provider.

Termination of Participation

Participation can be terminated at any time by either party without giving reasons. The participant can delete his account at any time in the members area. The operator is terminated by deleting or blocking the account. If the account is deleted or blocked, any existing points will expire.


Violation of the rules

If the participant violates one or more of these points, AuctionTRCK is entitled to exclude the participating account from the service without giving reasons by blocking or deleting the account, in particular if the account is inactive for too long.

+ Every Saturday AuctionTRCK can block all accounts that have clicked less than 50% paid mails, which means that membership is impaired
+ Accounts that are inactive for more than 1 month can be deleted by AuctionTRCK without giving reasons

AuctionTRCK reserves the right to assess this. If the account is deleted, any existing points will expire.


Severability clause

The ineffectiveness of a provision of these terms and conditions has no effect on the effectiveness of the other provisions.


Implementation of the ODR directive

Online dispute resolution in accordance with Art. 14 Para. 1 ODR-VO
The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), which you can find at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ Note according to Section 36 (1) No. 2 VSBG: We point this out to you to the fact that we are generally ready to participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration board. Consumers can contact the following consumer arbitration board:

General consumer arbitration board of the Center for Arbitration e.V.
Contact: Straßburger Straße 8, 77694 Kehl

This arbitration board is a "general consumer arbitration board" according to § 4 para. 2 sentence 2 VSBG "